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Chrome Pc Game:

Chrome Pc Game A universe of mercenaries
From the hand of the Polish developer Techland comes this game of military tactics in the first person with futuristic ambience. At first glance something similar to what we can find in Halo although it is true that there are two very different titles and that can be analyzed from different points of view.

We are in the XXII century in the skin of Bolt Logan a mercenary of the highest level with an experience that sets him apart from the rest of his companions far above normal. But since not everything could be perfect, it also has its dark past. It goes back to some events that occurred some time ago on the planet Helios, in which fellow professionals betrayed him.

Fleeing from his past to start again crosses the road with Carrie ending the two in Valkyria the most distant planetary system of the new frontier in full mining colonization. Chrome is a material for which (we do not know why) is worth fighting and thanks to which the mercenaries earn a living. With an argument like this can not be said to deserve an Oscar for the best script but we are introduced to the action that after all is what is a game of action.

After completing the first tutorial we find 14 missions of the most varied combining exterior locations as well as interior. In them they will mix tactical elements to a level very inferior to the one of Ghost Recon in spite of the alusion in some publicity as well as of pure action.
Minimum requirements:
1-windows 98 / me / 2000 / xp
2-pemtiun III 900mhz
3-video card 32mb compatible with direct x 8.1
4-chipset geforce mx or ati radeom 7000
5-sound card compatible with dx 8.1
6 -1.7 gb of free space on the hard drive
7-direct x 8.1
9-moden of 56k for multiplayer over the internet.
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Chrome Pc Game
Chrome Pc Game
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Chrome Pc Game
Chrome Pc Game
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Chrome Pc
Chrome Pc
Chrome Pc

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