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Digimon All Star Rumble PS3

In Digimon All Star Rumble, the Digital World lives a period of peace after overcoming a number of wars and crises. However, as the Digimon need to fight for Digivolve, they have decided to organize the first "Digivolution Tournament",Digimon All Star Rumble PS3 in which they will determine who is the strongest. In this competitive tournament, up to four players can choose one of the 12 basic characters of Digimon and play with a total of 32 forms taken from all series, from the first Digimon to Digimon Fusion. Players will control these digital monsters and compete for supremacy in the main Versus mode, in which players of all ability levels can participate and enjoy combat.

As they become stronger in combat, players will be able to Digivolve to a much more powerful form, Digimon All Star Rumble PS3 which will create a unique combat atmosphere in which players must strike the balance between docking and Digivolve to win. The use of special techniques during combat (such as activating a Digimon's evolving power), along with the use of defensive or aggressive attack strategies, will offer fascinating color-filled combat in which Digimon lovers of all ages can to face their rivals to rise like authentic heroes of Digimon.

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Digimon All Star Rumble
Digimon All Star Rumble
Digimon All Star Rumble

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