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Football Manager 2006 Pc










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Football Manager 2006 Pc Game:

Football Manager 2006 Pc Game We will comment on the Software. Once installed the game occupies 2.00 Gb and the minimum requirements that request according to the inverse of the box are Windows, Processor at 1 Gb Hz, 256 Mb RAM, Graphics card 32 mb, Directx9.0.
Once we start a game with the typical options of choosing what you want to manage the club, your manager name, choosing a photograph that will represent you at all times and the number of players that will play (1-4) will be indicated that you select a club. This one can be chosen from a lot of leagues between which they emphasize Germany, France, Italy, Spain, England, Argentina comes also but it is missing some inferior category. In Spain is included until the second division B but this can be extended thing that I will comment later. Once chosen the club begins the game and the first thing you see is an interface to my judgment very correct and certainly spectacular. With the main messages option and with the buttons that will handle our management at the top of the screen. We will comment on each option.


Football Manager 2006 Pc
Football Manager 2006 Pc
Football Manager 2006 Pc

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