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Lord Of The Rings Tactics PSP Game In The Lords of the Rings: Tactics, original title by which will be known, we will get back to the most famous characters in the film trilogy, both on the side of the "good ones" like Frodo, Aragorn, Boromir, Gimli, Legolas and Gandalf as for the dark side as Saruman, the King Brujo, head of the Nazgûl or Sauron, and is that one of the novelties that will allow us will be to play with both sides for both player and multiplayer. Both campaigns, The Fellowship of the Ring and the Dark Side, The Host of Mordor, will consist of a total of 20 levels (an hour of play is estimated at each level, which makes about 20 hours of gameplay Lord Of The Rings Tactics PSP for the one player mode) extracted directly from the movies, although in The Host of Mordor developers at EA Games have taken certain licenses to create them based on scenes from the movies and extras of the DVD with very little written about the "machinations" of the Dark Lord. In each level, six heroes for each side will be the number of players that we will control and the story will be independent of each of them, so that once exceeded the levels of the ring company, we will have different missions for the hordes of Mordor ,Lord Of The Rings Tactics PSP all with more than forty minutes of scenes extracted directly from the films to put us in action..


Lord Of The Rings Tactics psp
Lord Of The Rings Tactics psp

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