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Myst V End Of Age Pc Game:

Myst V End Of Age Pc Game It was in 1995 when the first Myst came out, a first-person adventure that opened this type of game with 7th Guest. Thanks to its cryptic development, sparse conversations and captivating environments, it was the best seller of that year in which it stood out as one of the first games on CD-ROM. With multiple imitators, it has to be recognized that few have even matched its atmosphere and its intricate puzzles. Thus, its influence is not trivial, and companies like the late Cryo have made entire races taking Myst as a model.

Currently, and with the progressive disinterest in adventure games, Myst saw a sad decline in sales, and both Uru and Myst IV were far below expectations created. In this sense, why do another Myst ?. The answer for the fans of the saga is obvious, but for a study that loses money not so much, so everything that surrounds this fifth installment is somewhat funereal and is proposed as the end of a cycle.

Co-developed by Ubisoft Montreal and Cyan Worlds, Myst V returns to the graphic engine seen in Uru while maintaining the classic interface. Myst IV, which was developed only by Ubisoft Montreal, already corrected Uru's highly questionable third-person interface, which broke both the classical rhythm and the control of some puzzles. Thus, the title is a synthesis between the two previous chapters, which can be seen both in its non-linear design (possibility of choosing eras, influenced by Uru) and in less interactivity (more consistent with the classical Myst tradition). ).


Myst V End Of Age Pc
Myst V End Of Age Pc
Myst V End Of Age Pc

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