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Perimeter Pc Game A few months ago, Perimeter was announced: a game of ETR (Real Time Strategy) that would be characterized by its latest generation graphics and the possibility of modifying the terrain at our whim. The title seems to take inspiration from various science fiction games and movies: how ETR remembers the great Imperium Gallactica 2 a few years ago, for its exploratory plot of the universe and the management of different planets. The characters have an air to those who appeared in the also excellent Starcraft, which combined the most advanced technology with a deep spirituality. Other elements of the game are more reminiscent of the world of celluloid: Starship Troopers, for the arachnid bugs, and Pitch Black, for the arid lands and the nest caves of the flying enemies.

The plot puts us in command of a ship-colony inhabited by thousands of people. We are part of Exodus, a community of ships that left the earth in search of the planet of their destiny. For centuries the ships have traveled through space trying to end their search, but it seems that the moment never arrives and two factions of the Exodus rebel by killing the leaders and declaring war on their loyal followers.

In Perimeter we can command any of the 3 factions along 27 missions in which we will visit numerous planets. We will have at our disposal a total of 28 types of units that can be transformed into another type at any time. The technological advances we achieve as we move forward in the game are key to success: the most important of these is the Perimeter, an impenetrable energy field that will allow us to develop very interesting defense and attack tactics.


Perimeter Pc
Perimeter Pc
Perimeter Pc

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